Child Care &

Early ON

Early Childhood Development and Learning Services are now available to individuals of the Nipissing District. Please use this link to apply for Child Care services:

The Child Care and EarlyON Centre will reflect Indigenous approaches to child care and families by offering safe, friendly programs which will incorporate:

   • Language,
   • Traditional Teachings,
   • Land-based Activities,
   • Storytelling,
   • Elder Visits, and
   • Support the children emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically while promoting positive self-identity and connection to our ways of being.

For further information on Program Statement, follow this link: Program Statement Child Care 

There will be 87 Child Care spaces:

   • 10 Infant,
   • 15 Toddlers,
   • 32 Preschoolers, and
   • 30 School-Age Children

Our EarlyON Centre will provide a warm and welcoming environment where:

   • Parents & caregivers can socialize and learn together in a safe and culturally nurturing environment.
   • Children can engage with a focus on early learning and child development.
   • Engaging Child Practitioners are available and connecting with other family services can be facilitated.

Throughout the pandemic, we are pleased to offer virtual programming! Please use the link below to follow our Virtual EarlyON Programming!