Social Services

About our Mental Wellness Team
Our mental wellness team offers holistic and culturally relevant services and supports to individuals and families. We recognize that mental health & wellness is a journey and looks different for everyone. Our mental wellness practitioners can help achieve balance and harmony in all aspects of life – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We offer individual, family, and group counseling services, as well as group programs designed to enhance and support all individuals across their lifespan on their journey of wellness and healing.
Services include but are not limited to assessment, referral, advocacy, case management, system navigation, addiction and withdrawal management, recovery, and rehabilitation.

Our Social Work Team
Our social work team offers a unique and diverse approach to service care delivery. We recognize that culture is the foundation for health, healing, and wellness. Our social workers work with individuals and families to help navigate different paths in one’s journey. Social workers have specialized skills to help with a wide array of supports. They can assist you or your loved one in identifying ways to strengthen, manage, and cope with issues that are part of everyday life even during exciting or challenging times. Services include but are not limited to individual/family counseling, stress management, grief/loss, and trauma counseling, transitional support, system navigation, and resource linkages.