Traditional Healing

The Traditional healing services program will sustain person/client beliefs and values by providing Indigenous-based ceremony, guidance, counsel, and cultural education services to facilitate holistic healing of self, family, community, and nation. All of the programs will be delivered in a culturally safe manner to our local urban Indigenous population in addition to our partner First Nations, Nipissing, Temagami, and Dokis. Furthermore, our Traditional team will advocate for our community members concerning equitable access to traditional healing
and health services. The Traditional Healing Service will foster a positive environment through direct consultation and seeks advice and direction from our local Elders, Healers, and Medicine people with respect to Traditional Healing Methods. 

Traditional Healers/Elders/Knowledge Keepers
Traditional Healers will be available by appointment to provide traditional healing/counseling/spiritual services to Indigenous people and their families in clinical and community settings, ceremonial rooms, and within ceremonial sites as appropriate, in accord with local Indigenous cultural paradigms and practices.